Guys Who Code

Guys Who Code

We are a nonprofit organization working to bridge the gap between people and computer technologies. We also aims at developing on ideas that are useful and beneficial to everyone.

Our mission

GWC is run by a group of tech enthusiastic students and computer science engineers who are really passionate about teaching computer technologies to people. Mentors at GWC inspire people to learn computer programming languages by exposing them to real life problems. We help people to utilize the cutting edge technologies in a unique and efficient manner.

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It's certainly nice to have someone dealing with the nightmares of building custom scalable apps so that I don't have to.

Federick Min

Incredible first experience. I was able to get a completely custom API for my e-commerce application. I met the right people.

Leo Tom

These are the folks who took my local business to the next level. I really couldn't imagine how this could be easier.

Miya James